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Stewart is curious by nature and specifically when it comes to the world of food. Stewart’s innate curiosity and passion for cooking has provided him the opportunity to work at some exceptional restaurants throughout his career.

Stewart started his professional career at Auberge in Toronto under Chef Kyle Rose, during his two-year tenure he was promoted to Sous Chef. This maturation process was invaluable and helped launch Stewart’s career. During his time at Auberge, Stewart developed a passion for charcuterie and butchery in general.

The next step in Stewart’s career was Head Chef at BabelFish in Guelph. Stewart embraced the expanded responsibility and successfully transformed the restaurant to the next level. During his time at BabelFish, Stewart evolved his Charcuterie and whole animal butchery and was nominated for Charcuterie Master on two occasions.

After BabelFish, Stewart took the Sous Chef position under Chef Roddy Eastman at Bijou Restaurant in Stratford. The Bijou is a larger establishment and was founded on the “farm to table” philosophy. Stewart was stimulated by the challenges and opportunities of a daily changing menu. Stewart has evolved to the Head Chef position at Bijou Restaurant. Where he continues to push his curiosity of food to the limit. On Bijou’s menu you’ll find dry aging, fermentation, curing, charcuterie, all driven by Stewart’s passion and creativity for the world of food.

Stewart is a team player, and this philosophy is demonstrated everyday at the Bijou. He encourages his chefs to… never stop evolving…never stop pursuing optimum results. Maintain daily enthusiasm and always remember every patron that enters the Bijou expects a memorable food experience.

Stewart realizes a great food experience is enhanced with the perfect wine pour. Stewart participates at all Bijou wine purchase tastings and relishes the opportunity to help patrons pair the perfect wine with their selected dish. Stewart’s talent for wine pairings is featured at Bijou special events, chef tastings and epicurean themed evenings.

Bijou ownership is proud to showcase Stewart’s talents for cooking, butchery, and wine knowledge.