Bijou Restaurant

Dinner Menu


Bijou proudly presents our highly acclaimed and locally inspired farm-to-table menu.  This menu has become an annual favorite for visitors and Stratford locals alike. Our Kitchen Team honours our twenty-three-year tradition of farm-to-table cuisine while masterfully infusing modern influences and techniques.

Bijou Greens$14
Watermelon vinaigrette, pecorino, fennel pollen, mint
French Onion Soup$15
Duck broth, caramelized onions, brioche husk, gruyere cheese
Mushroom Salad$17
Tempura enoki mushrooms, BBQ glazed oyster mushrooms, black bean sauce, pickles
Beets & Mozzarella$17
Pulled buffalo mozzarella, roasted beets, pomegranate, almond brittle, preserved clementine vinaigrette

Beef Carpaccio$28
70- day beeswax aged grass feed beef, textures of sunchoke, herb oil, black pepper
Escargot $22
Lamb bacon, shallots, honey squash, watercress
Bijou Bread Plate$5
Changes daily

Duck Leg Confit$30
Heirloom sweet potato, braised kale, roasted shallots, fermented plumb jus
Crispy Chicken Thigh$30
Deep fried thigh, fingerling potatoes, brussel sprouts, smoked cheddar sauce
Beef Short Rib$30
Coffee rubbed, carrot puree, fried sunchoke, pestou, marrow jus
Seafood Pasta$30
Salted cod, shrimp. scallop, fennel and leeks, white wine
Grilled Eggplant$27
Chickpea puree, pistachio, yogurt, pomegranate, pita bread

Chocolate Terrine$13
Bourbon peanut butter mousse, caramel
Broken Sea Buckthorn Tart$13
Sea buckthorn custard, cured blueberries, sumac fluid gel, wild honey chantilly, basil
Cheese Plate$17
Local cheeses, accoutrements


The Bijou $16
Prosecco, Alizé, Chambord
Killer Kool Aid $15
Vodka, Melon Liqueur, Amaretto, Cranberry
Manhattan $15
Rye, Vermouth; up or on the rocks
Classic Caesar $15
Margarita $15
Tequila, Lime; up or on the rocks
Greenpoint Manhattan $16
Rye, Chartreuse, Vermouth, Bitters, splash of orange; up or on the rocks
Adios $15
Gold Tequila, Gin, Hpnotiq, Lime, Soda
Classic Martini $15
Vodka/Gin, Vermouth
Feature Cocktail $12


Premium Cocktails

The Loreena $16
Irish Whiskey, Vodka, Grenadine, Lime, Soda; on the rocks
Negroni $16
Gin, Campari, Vermouth
Premium Martini $16
Premium Vodka/Gin, Vermouth; up or on the rocks
Grand Trunk $16
Cognac, Grand Marnier, Triple Sec; up
Close Shave $16
Vodka, Elderflower Liqueur, Prosecco
Sicilian Firing Squad $16
Mezcal, Vodka, Blood Orange, Lime, Bitters
Bijou 75 $16
Gin, Prosecco, Lemon
Direct Current $16
Hibiscus Gin, Vodka, Lemon, Soda; up


The Lynchburg Lemonade