Bijou Restaurant

Farm-to-Table Cuisine

Meet the team at Bijou Restaurant


The Bijou Tradition

of true farm-to-table dining

From the very beginning, Bijou has cultivated unique relationships with the local producers of Perth County to bring you seasonally inspired, farm-to-table cuisine. By partnering with local farmers and culinary artisans, our Chef is able to create dishes that feature the truly unique flavours of the region. Even after 23 years, our menus continue to bring you fresh, seasonal fare inspired by local produce. Here are our 2022 culinary producers.

Our Producers

  • Loco Fields

    Variety of vegetables, greens and much more!

  • August's Harvest

    Onions and garlic.

  • McIntosh Farms

    Pasture raised, organically fed, heritage breeds of chickens and ducks.

  • Oak Manor

    Organic seeds and flour.

  • Weth Mushrooms

    Organic mushrooms

  • Boone Run Farms

    Rainbow trout, honey

  • Megen's Family Farm

    Asparagus, strawberries

  • Planet Shrimp

    Local farm-raised shrimp